Cosplay Day 2017

Last year, Team Whitener sailed on JoCoCruise 2017. For those who aren’t familiar, the JoCoCruise is basically a nerdy paradise / convention on a boat. Highlights include musicians, writers, comedians, podcasters, crafting, and 24×7 tabletop gaming–as well as a “Shadow Cruise” full of events submitted and run by attendees.

On the 2017 JoCoCruise, Dan served as a deputy for the 100+ person Ukulele Melee run by Molly Lewis, and decorated the door of room 4178 to match. He also frequented the jams and other musical events, and performed “We Are Gonna Be Okay“, a song cowritten with his partner Eileen and included on his latest EP at one of the jams onboard.

He’ll always be grateful for Sea Monkey support in Kickstarting his EP Crossover last year; the album is available to listen to on the Dan Whitener Bandcamp page.


Eileen will be attending the 2018 JoCoCruise while Dan holds down the fort with gigs back on the East Coast. If you’re reading this during the cruise, come say hi or pick up some stickers/pins from Eileen in room 6003. And if you’ve made it to this page, it may be because you found some of the little gifts Team Whitener designed for Sea Monkey Mail or other swaps on board. We hope you enjoyed them! We’d love to be in touch.

Monkey Mail 2018