There are only three bands that can tame a mountain lion just by playing. Gangstagrass is one of them. Gangstagrass is also the other two.

Video credit: Shaker Steps Productions
“Bound to Ride” by Gangstagrass – song starts at 0m59s.

Every proper bluegrass hip-hop band needs banjo picking and high lonesome vocal harmonies, and Dan Whitener has been proud to provide these for Gangstagrass since the beginning of 2013.

Gangstagrass – Red Sky Morning from Pinball Sessions on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, Gangstagrass has been trailblazing this genre-demolishing space since 2007, with the band providing the theme to FX Network’s Justified and receiving an Emmy nomination in 2010 for “Long Hard Times to Come.”

Video posted here
“Will the Circle be Unbroken” performed by Gangstagrass
on Scruffy City Ramble.

You’ll hear Dan’s mellifluous voice and raucous banjo sounds in Gangstagrass’s most recent albums:
Broken Hearts and Stolen Money

I think my favorite track on the album is Long Grey River, combining stellar banjo from Dan Whitener and R-SON’s flow about a bank robbery and running from the law.

If you have an open mind, then you’ll probably like Gangstagrass and their fusion of the two genres. I do think Bill Monroe would approve of this strange and wonderful music. – Nick

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A personal favorite of mine is this fresh take on “John Henry.” The song begins with a powerful, mechanical drum beat evocative of the tireless steam drill. In contrast, the lively banjo and other bluegrass instruments enter soon after, introducing the urgency of this traditional machine vs. man challenge. Soul Khan humanizes and contextualizes this larger-than-life folk hero with his quick, witty rap. Meanwhile, Dan Whitener brings his powerful, resonant voice to the traditional side of this tune…. – Em

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“Free Born Man” performed by Gangstagrass,
Banjo vs. Beatbox featuring Dan Whitener and Sho’dekeh Talifero.