Power Folk 8/6/17

My wife is particularly excited to see the song we wrote together (at around 6:15) played in the same lineup as Dar Williams.

Sunday 8/6 Power Folk will be spinning music from Matthew Byrne, Dave Van Ronk, Jack White, Sarah McQuaid, Regina Spektor, Andy Scheinman, Dar Williams, Kete Bowers, Hanneke Cassel, Daniel Whitener, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jordi Baizan, Rachael Kilgour, Colter Wall, George Winston, Alison Morer, Aztec Two-Step, Ian Foster, Tau Mo Family, Anne Sumner and Stephen Nurse, and the The Jeremiahs. Listen live at 1pm EST exclusively on bluesandrootsradio.com (Essential)

Hardly Strictly Radio – 7/6/17

Crossover gets its first radio play with Orange Barrel Blues!
We’re off and running! What are your favorite local, college, public, internet, folk/Americana/blues/bluegrass stations? Get in touch with me and let’s get the music out there!