Pics from our Jalopy show!

The pics where I’m wearing Rench’s guitar mark the DEBUT of my new bluegrass song “The Mountain and the Mine,” which I’ve been working on as part of a side personal project. Stay tuned!

Second week on the charts!

To celebrate our second week on the Billboard bluegrass charts, here’s a video of me rehearsing/recording some banjo for the album! (If I had known that 2200 people were gonna watch me in the studio I woulda put on more of a tight show!)

Check out this video from the American Music sessions! Here Dan "Danjo" Whitener lays down his famous banjo playing. …

Posted by Gangstagrass on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Also, did you know there is a secret surprise when you buy the physical copy of American Music?

Justified Wrap Party

#gangstagrass with Jacob Pitts a.k.a. U.S. Marshal Tim Gunderson @melodiva42 @renchaudio @landrymcmeans

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As you can probably tell:

1) I now have Instagram. Check it out for tour pics and sometimes pictures of my cat.

2) Gangstagrass had an awesome time at the Justified wrap party. What a great group of people!

American Music is out!

American Music

You can be the proud owner of the latest installment in the Song of Bluegrass and Hip-Hop book series that the New York Times calls “better than Game of Thrones. Seriously, they come out with a new album more reliably than George Railroad Martin (his real name), and when they promise dragons, Gangstagrass delivers dragons.”

And indeed, there are dragons in our newest album. And political intrigue! And swords, and each of us has a pet wolf.

But I’m preaching to the choir! Y’all must have already preordered your copies, or stolen them from the warehouse in Harlan where we get them printed up, so you know exactly how many dragons there are or aren’t.

For the rest of you, though, there’s only one way to get your hands on the album people have been calling “the Iron Throne of Westeros” – well, I guess there are several ways, but this one works just fine. Click on it!

PS for the Bardians out there: This album features both Dan Whitener ’09 & Soul Khan ’07! On the same track, even!

Final Gangastagrass Tour of 2014

And thus ends the final Gangstagrass tour of 2014, marking the second year of my tenure in this great outfit.
Keep one eye open for upcoming 2015 tour dates as they develop…
…and the other eye open for some endeavors of my own design! Who knows what that may be? Surely not me!