For the folks in Missouri

Also, I might as well mention, for the folks out in Missouri, that I will be playing a very special engagement with my dad, Mark Whitener, joining me on mandolin and guitar! This is Pioneer Day out in Marquand, MO. Come if you can, express regrets if you can’t! I’ll try to get him up to the New York area again sometime soon!


Well, folks, this has got to be the most important thing that has ever happened to me and my music.
I’m on Pandora.
You can listen to my music for free! All the time! AND they’ll start playing you other music that’s just like my music!
So, go on over to Pandora and create a station by searching for Dan Whitener. You won’t be sorry.

Great News – Coming Soon

Well dear fans, it’s been a month. Time for me to have some great news, right?
On the Tracks, my first and latest album, has been accepted on Pandora internet radio!
In a few months, it will be ready for listening, so if you haven’t ever used Pandora before, go try it out. Listen to some music you like, and get ready, because I’ll need your support! The more you ask for my music, the more… something good must happen, I’m pretty sure. It’s like leveling up.

Submitting to Pandora

I’m nervous now… I just submitted Shooting Star and Hole in the Floor to the good Music Genome folks at Pandora! This is super exciting, so if you listen to Pandora, start searching for either Dan Whitener or On the Tracks, and see what comes up! And if you don’t listen to Pandora, how come? It’s a wonderful way to stumble upon new music, similar to music that you already like, for free! Try it right now at and the Internet will be more fun.

Swan Loft

Wonderful times playing with all these great musicians! Many thanks and congratulations to the Swan Loft for organizing such a fabulous show.

Pre-Release Show

Got a show with Max Johnson and maybe more!
I’ll be closing out the night at Spike Hill following some folk bands, so come enjoy some free music…
and then use the money you saved to buy my CD!

Recording On the Tracks

Since my new CD is finally available, here’s a video of the big recording session with Chris Eldridge on guitar, Melody Allegra Berger on fiddle, Max Johnson on bass, and myself on banjo.
Recording masterfully executed by Joseph Colmenero.