The six-space Boss BCB-60, in all the glory I can give it.
From right to left:
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
MXR Dyna Comp
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Line 6 Echo Park
Boss RC-20 Loop Pedal
The effect chain is pretty straightforward, except for two things.
1) The NS-2 uses a send/return loop. That’s where you put the pedals you want to suppress. I have the compressor and distortion in the loop. The delay pedal needs to be unsuppressed.
So the line goes – NS-2, comp, DS-1, back through the NS-2, to the delay.
2) Then once it hits the delay, it splits into stereo. The Echo Park is stereo in, stereo out, and it can take a mono signal and split it to stereo. I do this for two reasons. I have two amps, each with a different color. Also, the loop pedal is great, but sometimes I want to solo over a loop without getting muddy. When your solo and your background loop are coming out of the same amp, that can pose a problem.
Solution to everything? The L out from the delay pedal goes to the loop pedal, which goes to amp 1, a clean accurate amp. The R out bypasses the looper and goes straight to amp 2, the amp with more color.
Let me be clear: I am VERY happy with this setup. Would buy again. I may upgrade individual pedals or get a bigger board to expand the setup, but with an external wah pedal this board is a very solid basic setup.