A Bard College band hatched in October 2008, the Sparrows include Perry Allen (Guitar/Vocals), Brian Barth (Bass/Vocals), Odetta Hartman (Fiddle/Mandolin/Vocals), Chris Rubeo (Guitar/Piano/Vocals), and Dan Whitener (Banjo/Harmonica/Vocals/Guitar). Previous Sparrows albums have also featured Johanna Warren and other up-and-coming Bard talent.

Video credit: Travis Stewart
“Hole in the Floor of the Plane” written by Dan Whitener
performed by the Sparrows

The Sparrows bring their lively, toe-tapping sound to the Hudson Valley scene and beyond. With a mix of folk and bluegrass influence, the Sparrows create a sound that is at once fresh and rooted in tradition.

Video credit: Travis Stewart

By the end of Spring 2011, the Sparrows had all finally flown away from their one-time home base, diplomas successfully in hand. Although the band is not currently working on an active project together, each member is pursuing other projects well worth checking out!

photo by Bill Geiger

Photo: Bill Geiger

The Sparrows rarely go more than a year without getting together to jam or play for a live audience. Future Sparrows gigs, should any be scheduled, will be highlighted on the Events Calendar in the sidebar as well as on Dan Whitener’s Facebook artist’s page.

Dan’s original tunes recorded with the Sparrows appear in his debut solo album On the Tracks.

Available for download

Available on CD or for download via

Dan’s iconic banjo sound as well as additional vocal and instrumental contributions resonate within the Sparrow’s discography:

Anti-Air Cannon (January 2009)

Rattle Creak and Murmur (January 2010)

The Blue Doors Session (January 2012)

For more information about the Sparrows, check out:

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  1. I’m loving on you so much right now. What a beautiful website! Congrats on the new tracks!
    We all miss you so much and can’t wait to see you soon and play play play.

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