Broken Hearts & Stolen Money: Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Objects are essential to Valentine’s Day memories. When you were a kid, these memories were all about the chalky candy you’d get just for showing up to school (and the stacks of perforated cartoon character cards you’d walk home with at the end of the day). In your early adulthood, you may have moved on to bigger, pricier objects: A dozen roses with fake dew on each petal as a gift for a loved one. Chocolates in a heart-shaped box (that you pretend are for a special someone but are actually for you). Even the experiences left a paper trail–restaurant receipts, credit card bills, brochures for some quaint little bed-and-breakfast up in the Adirondacks. And maybe you thought that this would be the final stage of your Valentine’s experience.

Buckle in your seat belts, because Valentine’s Day has just changed forever. Broken Hearts & Stolen Money is a Valentine’s Day game-changer. While the physical object gains you an extra hidden track, the digital version is nearly as good and can be delivered instantly. No matter what your situation is, Broken Hearts & Stolen Money has something for you.

For the Couples

Has your partner been taking a while to get the hint that you’re The One? Gangstagrass’s rendition of “Banks of the Ohio” was recorded just for you. Best listened to by candlelight in the kitchen.

Or are you already committed and ready to take on the world? Turn on “All for One” while you reaffirm your goals for the coming year.

For the Singles

Valentine’s Day may seem inescapable, but not if you ride away fast enough. You can laugh at the couples on their silly little dates as you drive past, blasting “Peaches.” If you want to cause a little chaos on your way out, change over to “Long Grey River” and leave your past behind.